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Regi Base I.

Currently, the Foundation helps all, who served for us. Tz. former soldiers, police officers, firefighters and their family members.

Endowment Fund REGI Base I. provides a selection of special personal assistants for injured soldiers and the subsequent possible special rehabilitative care abroad.

Endowment Fund REGI Base I. providing convenient services for veterans.

Endowment Fund REGI Base I. It helps since 2011 modern war veterans, later expanded its assistance on soldiers, police officer, firefighters, employees and their family members.

The range of activities is constantly expanding, endowment fund not only provides rehabilitation care in the Czech Republic or abroad, but it helps with the selection of personal assistants, cooperates with renowned institutes or rehabilitation seeks funds to extra rehabilitation aids. Finally, looking at ways, as the theme to help "those, who served for us "in public awareness lectures and various, bigger or smaller actions.

And it often helps to not only help themselves, but also warning of the need of such assistance, Endowment Fund REGI Base organizes public collection. Through powerful stories seeks to promote solidarity with those, who helped, he could, and now need, the company has helped turn them.


Pleasant meeting in the bunker

Pleasant meeting in the bunker

Yesterday, a pleasant meeting took place in the REGI BASE bunker with Mr. ZHOU Lingjian. He and his association immediately after the outbreak of the COVID epidemic 19 donated a total of 10,000 drapes to the REGI Base endowment fund, which REGI BASE immediately distributed to firefighters and police officers throughout the Czech Republic ....

News in the e-shop

News in the e-shop

Unfortunately, this year's first Shooting challenge was ruined by a coronavirus. However, the September deadline applies. In the meantime, you can choose a few things from our charity eshop, be ready. 😉http://shop.regibase.cz 🇨🇿⚔️

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