We are establishing further cooperation, so that we can help them a little better again, who served for us!

At the beginning of March, we met with the chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, Josef Středula. The topic of discussion was clear - the support of those, who are dismissed after injury and for whom it is difficult to regain their post after recovery.

How about wounded war veterans, police officer, but we also showed the old REGI BASE firefighters in practice. We visited the wound togetherěného hasiče Roberta Gyombéra v Neurorehabilitační klinika AXON . Robert is currently completing the first phase of demanding rehabilitation after stem cell transplantation. In addition to personal support, we also gave him a charity calendar. It was the proceeds from his sale that paid for the demanding rehabilitation and helped Robert overcome another milestone on the path to a better life..

The calendar contains photos 12 firefighters, who helped save lives and property in the past year. Thanks to the photographer, to the Prague fire brigade, František Novotný, they became not only heroes, but also "boys from the poster". Many thanks to Kateřina Procházková Havlíková, Director of KH CHEM, which organized the whole project of the charity calendar.

Thank you all, who are contributing to transparent account no. 2900415315/2010.
Helping those, who served for us.

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