Bruna Bucherie o REGI Base: Foundation “Regi Base”: helping soldiers mutilated in modern conflicts

Foundation “Regi Base”: helping soldiers mutilated in modern conflicts

How can we help mutilated soldiers? This question is not recent and every age and country invented its own solutions.


France for example is welcoming its war veterans heavily wounded in past or recent conflicts in a national Institution for Invalids, installed in the famous “Hôtel des Invalides”, created in Paris in 1674 by King Louis XIV. An accommodation facility is twinned with a medical – surgical center and a Rehabilitation Engineering Research institute which is focusing on research and development of technologies meeting the needs of soldiers with disabilities. This National Institution is open to war veterans for short or longer stays according to their handicap.


However, the Czech Republic has no such facility yet. War-wounded are treated in the Střešovice military hospital in Prague but are sent back home as soon as their condition is stabilized. Such an institution, capable to receive and reeducate on a longer term soldiers wounded in the modern wars, is missing.


The solution will perhaps come from a private initiative launched by three men who were shocked by the lack of perspectives offered to their friend Jíří Schams, nicknamed “Regi”, a war veteran who was heavily wounded in Afghanistan in March 2008.


In March 2011, Martin Jirsa, Pavel Borovský and Hynek Čech created the Foundation “Regi Base” and persuaded private companies, including some arms companies, to grant funds in order to build a medical center in Svémyslice, East of Prague. This center will be able to accommodate the wounded soldiers and their families, to give the best conditions for reeducation and should even take care of their social reintegration. This facility will be open not only to soldiers but also to firefighters or policemen from the Czech Republic and from NATO or partner nations. Detailed information on the Foundation, the center and Jíří « Regi » Schams can be found of the webpages of the foundation.


Periodically, the Foundation organizes some social events in order to gather together war veterans from the Czech Republic and from elsewhere. The next event will be a golf tournament, the REGI GOLF MEMORIAL, which will be organized from 16 to 19 June 2013 in the Kunětická Hora Golf Resort and will be open to war veterans of the ISAF participating countries. All the benefits of this special event will be given to the families of the Czech soldiers fallen in operations abroad.


In a period of time where materialism and individualism are the key drivers of our modern societies, we should pay tribute to this remarkable private initiative which is falling within the best tradition of Humanism. Gentlemen, hats off!!!




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