On Thursday 3.5.2019 to celebrate the handover of a new wheelchair employees of the finance department Czech Customs Administration, Customs Office in Olomouc Major. Ing. Vojtech Bures, who suffered a severe spinal injury and remained paralyzed for life. It is a modern, fully adjustable wheelchair with a solid frame, lightweight and tailored wheelchair totaling 80,083 CZK
Maj. Bures, the original truck was very old and was not suitable for use in roads dennodennímuof work and back. Therefore, the beginning of the year turned on BASE REGI asking for help with securing funding for a new modern truck, which unfortunately not reimburse the full amount of insurance.
REGI Base a short time managed to get even with the help of these partners FTL – First Transport Lines, a.s., SLADOVNY SOUFFLET Republic, a. s., DT – Výhybkárna and Engineering, a.s. Bennett s.r.o. Representatives of some of them attended the ceremony on the premises of the Customs Office.
A big thank especially the management of the Customs Office in Olomouc and colleagues, who came Major. Bures support and thank him for his service. Despite his handicap every day 100% perform their duties and are an integral part of the customs team.
We wish him luck and let him serve well the new truck every day.

Helping those, who served for us!

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