Prague, Czech Republic

April 2011

REGI – with his mother 2011

After several months of treatment, two surgeries, rehabilitation, and intensive exercise, it seemed that George made only a relatively small step forward. However, measured by eff ort and will, that step measured a mile.

Lieutenant Schams is now three years later qualifi ed as a quadriplegic. George is currently reliant on the assistance of another person – he sees with one eye, speaks with diffi culty, which is mainly due to the fact that his brain has a piece of shrapnel. It is in accordance with the present possibilities of neurosurgery, irremovable.

Regi still manages a number of things he had to and often painfully re-learn. With one hand he can control a special mobile phone, and he can even take off his shirt. Even though he speaks slowly and stutters, he not only makes comments, but also makes often funny and poignant remarks.

With help of a walker Regi is able to practice walking. This and other improvements are possible for Regi in his condition due to both the frequent visits of former comrades, where he never ceased to be „one of them“, but also because Regi even in this complicated diffi cult situation, has never fallen to
self-pity. Recently, without hesitation he agreed to the question of whether he would revisit the risks associated with military service.

Unfortunately, George is literally trapped in a typical Czech apt on the third-fl oor in Prague 13 Stodůlky. Given that a house or apartment is not wheelchair-friendly Regi is dependent on family assistance 24 hours a day.

Regi’s current residence

Stodůlky Praha 13, in an apt. complex, on the 3rd fl oor in 2011