March 17, 2008, Geresk, Afghanistan

Czech military elite unit SOG escorted Danish aid workers in negotiating the forms of assistance in Gerešk town, near south Afghanistan Helmand. Everything proceeded without major problems. Some of our troops have only 14 days remaining until the end of their combat missions. From across the street an older friendly man in traditional garments shalwar kameez is approaching. His smile is the last thing the men see. A fl ash, smoke, confusion and shouting. The smiling suicide bomber detonated the bomb on his body. People on the sidewalk are dropping to the ground like fl ies. Two Danes and four Afghans are killed instantly. Also, the defense team leader Milan Sterba died. Combat Medic Sergeant Schams is seriously injured. His body is riddled with shrapnel, the most fatal hit him in the head. The serious condition he is in does not give him much hope of survival ...

... Fatally injured George fought his greatest battle. According to all prognosis his chance of survival is zero. Regi’s strength holds and takes over and despite all the negative prognosis he is still alive. Even for the medical experts it‘s unbelievable ... His indomitable body resisted the long transport back to the Czech Republic. In Prague he laid in bed for two months in an artifi cial sleep in ARO STF military
hospital. Even there at fi rst they didn’t believe that he would survive (let alone discuss, the possibility that he would wake or walk...)