REGI - George Schams

Lieutenant George Schams was born on the 22nd of September 1972 in Prague. Since childhood he was interested in searching for all types of military related adrenaline and adventure - perhaps that is why his uncle Paul Vostatek became a great role model and a longtime member of the military history of the Prague Rangers club. He spent most of his time spent with friends in the countryside, where he imitated military operations. Due to his success in school, his understanding family, and tolerant environment he was able to realize his passions: diving, rappelling, and improving his other outdoor skills. Because of this training he had a better understanding of what to expect in military training.

At that time, his enthusiasm for the U.S. elite troops and outfi t gave him the nickname Regi. It arose from an anagram of „GI Ranger“ and it not only serves in his private life but as also in his professional life.

In his basic military service he first graduated in the joint electronic warfare regiment in Kolín, where he then asked for an extension and remained at the 1st radio-technical center in Zbiroh. Unfortunately his military service did not meet his expectations: being that his outdoor military escapades with his friends and uncle were much more interesting.
So he enlisted with the peace core in the Czech Republic Army. He decided to take advantage of what he knew best and what he still found irresistible and enjoyable. His goal was to serve his country and to realize his exceptional and unusual patriotism. The greatest obstacle that stood in his way was his poor vision. With the support of his family, his strong will, and also his relentless search for ways to achieve his set objectives, he underwent diffi cult and unusual eye surgery. After that he had no
problems in passing rigorous tests and went to his fi rst overseas military mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He completed this mission twice and it fulfilled his expectations and was confi dent in the Army of the Republic that it was being transformed for the better.

Regi was then fi nally convinced to have a career in the military. He completed another goal he had as a child which was to become part of the sixth special brigade in Prostejov.

In the elite brigade of Prostejov where only the most capable and guaranteed best candidates, George Schams absolved his third mission - the fi rst foreign deployment of troops in Kosovo in 1999. Friends who served with him in Prostejov, remember his incredible professionalism. „If we knew what to do, then he knew it twice as better. If we took it seriously, he took it twice as seriously. Even though we sometimes laughed at his exaggerated care for his uniform that had it always had to be spotless, in a fi ght we would always want him by our side“.

In 2002 Prague the Special Operations Unit of the Military Police was formed, called SOG (Special Operations Group). George was interested in the chance to try something new and also to return to Prague. It was another of great challenges and was exactly what he wanted to do. To him, these weren’t just “hobbies”. While it may sound cliché, he felt as his service to his country was his purpose. Just like his later foreign deployment - the struggle for the democratic parts of the world and to fi ght terrorism. Although being missed after his departure in Prostejov George already made his mind and went on to pursue his dream. He again, successfully completed another set of challenging competitions and moved back to the capital.

This time under the new elite unit, he left on another mission in early October 2003. SOG was then deployed as part of a contingent to protect the 7th fi eld hospital in Iraq (during the war in Iraq), the Embassy of the Republic in Kuwait and later in Baghdad in the Czech mission OCPA (Offi ce of the Coalition Provisional Authority), followed by missions in the southern province of Basra as part of a contingent of Military Police. In this period George expanded his skills. He temporarily replaced the combat medic for their unit, and providing medical assistance made an impression on him enough that he decided to make it permanent. After returning home, he graduated from the BARTS course and gained more experience by riding with the volunteer ambulance service in Prague. However, he remained a determined and courageous fi ghter. „When we were in Afghanistan and faced combat clashes, George behaved perfectly in the worst situations... Who of us have seen diffi cult times when we were injured, if we had Regi at our sides we would be calmer ... “ his comrades recall.

During 2005-2006 George again served in missions in Kosovo and Iraq. During this time his father died and Regi confessed to his uncle that he was considering a more peaceful form in his future career. He only had to overcome the last challenge - to go on a mission to Afghanistan as a medic.

On 10 October 2007 he was moving to Helmand South Afghanistan. That day unfortunately, proved fatal ...

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