Rehabilitation pavilon buidling A.

Professional cooperation with Dr. Tomáš Rychnovský, Ph.D.

Hydrotherapy section:

  • Pool - with transport mechanism for handicaped access, anti-stream, aprox. 10m long
  • Whirlpool – May serve as a relaxation whirlpool or with adjusted water jets with higher capacity can be used for hydro therapy massage (for treatment of muscular tension)
  • Baths with hot and cold water - for alternate immersion of limbs


Electrotherapy section:

  • Magnetic therapy – for the treatment and healing of wounds and fractures
  • Laser – healing of superfi cial wounds, scars, etc.
  • Muscle Electrostimulation (RT300)
  • Ozonetherapy


For clients with spinal injury:

  • Lokomat – machine for practicing walking with braces and a treadmill
  • Motomed – Therapeutic device for passive and active movement exercises of the lower and upper extremities.
  • Motosplints – for passive exercise of root and peripheral joints (Artromot)
  • Redcord – tool for rehabilitation exercises on the hanging ropes SET concept
  • RT300 – exercise device synchronized with electrodes that stimulate the aff ected muscles of lower limbs.
  • Equipment for verticalization, positioning, mechanical wheelchairs, lifts, overballs,unstable platforms, Therabands, flexibar
  • Equipment for respiratory rehabilitation


Specialized robotic and cyber center for clients with amputated limbs:

  • Robotic will-controled limbs application, Motorlab, USA
  • Special brain-controlled prosthesis - Japan-American Technologies
  • Using the latest technology electronic systems for artifi cial limbs developed bythe German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institute IBMT
  • BMI „brain-machine interface, cooperated with Miguel Nicolelis from American Duke University
  • The use of a robotic exoskeleton which substitutes muscles