Foundation REGI Base I.

Prague, Czech Republic

This foundation was created spontaneously in March 2011, as the initiative of Martin Jirsa, a friend of Georgie, and his friends Hynek Čech and Pavel Borovský. It’s exactly 3 years since the unfortunate event where Regi was performing his combat duties in Afghanistan. Since then, George is no longer in the state army. He was relieved and became a modern war veteran. Unfortunately, he still lives alone in a small apartment in the suburb on the 3rd fl oor in Stodulky in Prague 13. He needs constant assistance, and is even cared for by poorly educated care givers or social workers. In the apartment he does not have the opportunity to rehabilitate, train or even improve his physical or mental condition.

The aim of the Foundation is to build a unique one of a kind in the Czech Republic in specialized equipment, to provide comprehensive care (comprehensive rehabilitation) to modern war veterans with disabilities. Functionally connecting together all the social, health (psychologist, theologian, speech clinic, etc.) and culturally educated. An interdisciplinary approach to create a functional system of full recovery, based on a responsible collaboration that not only brings together the participation of major clients, but also family members and friends.

The complex will not only include the medical section, which will be equipped with cutting-edge and modern medical equipment, instruments, and re-convalescent rehabilitation procedures. But the complex will also have housing units for long-term therapy clients and hotel-type rooms for accommodation of family members and visitors.

The center will be open for modern veterans from both the NATO member states and from other international armed forces.