When our phone rang in the endowment fund, at the other end of which was the modern war veteran Josef Slávik from Moravia with a request, whether we could please a World War II veteran, Colonel Jan Hronek, with the provision of a new digital pressure gauge, which broke down to him during the week, we didn't hesitate for a minute. Two days later we rang the house of the colonel in Charvatská Nová Ves near Břeclav. We had with us nejmodernější digitální tlakoměr na paži OMRON M7 Intelli IT. The device has a shared memory for two users, arrhythmia detection, graphical representation of pressure, indication of a correctly fitted cuff, large LCD display, memory, motion sensor, pressure average and can also share measured data with a smartphone with pulse measurement accuracy 95 % and accuracy of pressure measurement -3 mmHg. It also has a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Android and iOS systems.

Because about a month ago, Colonel Hronek suffered from COVID-19, we also bought him a home ozone generator, which will regularly "clean" his house.

All this thanks to the successful collection vlcimak.cz!

Mr. Colonel Hronek, who enjoys good health and mood, will celebrate in June 90 years and now writes another book about his life and work in the resistance during 2. World war II. Before the pandemic, he regularly lectured at various schools and believes, that when the situation returns to normal, acquaints other students with history, which he experienced firsthand.
War veteran, Colonel v.v. Jan Maria Hronek was born 7. June 1931 in Uherské Hradiště. Both parents, father Jan and mother Emilie, were teachers. They led their son to patriotism. They themselves participated in helping the guerrillas. Little Jan thus became a guerrilla link. He was finding out, how many german soldiers are there, and also, what weapons they have. He assisted in the action against the fascist Hlinka Guard and in various destructions on the railway line. At night, he went to the woods to warn the guerrillas of German intervention. Once upon his return, a German soldier began firing at him. In 1945 its president honored for bravery.

Until his retirement, he worked in the Ostrava-Karviná mines, where he participated in the creation of an integrated rescue system.
"Never throw a shotgun into rye and never panic. There is always a solution. ”That is Colonel Hronek's life motto, to whom he owes much thanks for his lifelong firm stance.
We would also like to thank him in this way for his service to the country and what he risked and sacrificed for our freedom during World War II..

Helping those, who served for us! And we also help World War II veterans, of which there are unfortunately fewer and fewer.
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