A vehicle for war veteran Radek Štefl

War veteran Radek Štefl spent time in the army 12 let, he served, among other things, with Chrudim paratroopers and also took part in several foreign missions in the former Yugoslavia. He specialized in guerrilla warfare in the forest, he also has experience from the Engineer Battalion, where he completed a course in blasting or engineering barriers. He also succeeded as a martial arts instructor MUSADO.

Unfortunately, during one combat infantry move with a full field, he broke ra after the fallmenstrual ligament and injured back. X-rays confirmed a very reduced intervertebral space in the lumbar part. Subsequent medical complications did not allow him to continue working for the army.

A month ago, we helped Radek get out of his own fight. Po 7 years, he obtained back the driver's license confiscated by the executor. Today we handed him the KIA RIO, which he will use for travel to work, which you found in record time. The shift on the construction site starts early in the morning, when no public bus connection is working yet. That's why we complied with Radek's request and bought an older car from Germany for these short trips. The vehicle passed STK, we have arranged new license plates, they paid the statutory insurance, annual highway sign, they changed the oil, fuel, air and saw filter, they installed new plates and a battery. The service performed a complete inspection as well, so that Radek can use the vehicle safely. We refueled Radek with a full tank of fuel for his new life and now we just wish him a safe start in his new job and life stage..

In addition, our legal department is working intensively on the preparation of personal debt relief, so that Radek can start with a clean slate.

In total, REGI BASE paid 57 000,- CZK.

thank you all, who support war veterans. You can contribute to transparent account no. 2900415315 / 2010 ( FIO)

Helping those, who served for us!

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