War veteran Attila Fabián has already had his second application of stem cells. Proběhla v lednu a téměř okamžitě následovala intenzivní rehabilitace v Neurorehabilitační klinika AXON. After an initial check of skills and physics, a program consisting of ergo was compiled for Attila, logo, fyzio a lokomatu. Therapies took place from Monday to Friday, every four hours.

Before Attila got in shape, it cost a lot of effort for him and the therapist. But it wouldn't be Attila, not to determineil big goals. Over the course of one week, he gradually increased his performance and even set a walking record for the last day. He left at Lokomat 1.569 meters behind 45 me! Total for 19 days it counts like that 21.614 m!

The whole rehabilitation was very demanding, but the result can be seen in Attila's effort to walk and keep improving!


Helping those, who served for us.

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