Rescuer Zdeněk Mikula's journey back to normal life continues and we are glad that REGI Base has good news for you.
Thank you all, who you contributed not only within the collection Zdeněk Mikula got back on his own two feet after a long time!
This strong moment was preceded by less than a month of demanding exercise at the AXON Neurorehabilitation Clinic. He had earlier this year
Zdeněk was weakened due to the annual lying muscles, that he couldn't even sit. Intensive therapies therefore focused mainly on strengthening the muscles of the torso, but also all four limbs. For the first fortnight in January, therapists first worked on it, to keep himself seated. Thanks to regular exercise, his muscles have already grown by 1 when 2 centimeters, white muscle fibers slowly began to change to red ones related to endurance, and after a long time Zdeněk could finally experience, how it feels to stand again.
We believe, that Zdeněk's health will continue to improve at a similar pace and we will soon see him take the first steps!
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