We transported the badly injured rescuer Zdeněk Mikula to Prague.
When it came to us in June 2020 Zdeněk's wife turned to her for help, we had no idea, how bad her husband is. Zdeněk is lying down, he does not speak and is unable to move any limb. The only communication is through a special eye sensor and a screen located above his bed. Last year, we bought Zdeněk a special neurostimulant, which activated dysfunctional muscles in the leg and arms.
But that was not enough. A special team led by an experienced headmistress, MUDr. Jarmila Zipserová designed long-term comprehensive neurorehabilitation care with the sole aim of putting Zdeněk back on his feet. No one had and has no reason not to believe this ambition. Before about 6 years ago, the same lady succeeded in the wounded war veteran from Afghanistan.
Thank you all, who you contributed to the collection www.vlcimak.cz, it was now possible to transport Zdeněk to Prague to the AXON Neurorehabilitation Clinic
for monthly robotic neurorehabilitation. This is a care worth almost 230.000,- CZK.
Zdeněk was welcomed by a attending physician in a special accommodation facility, Mrs. MUDr. Stránská, and a specially trained dog, Golden Retriever Perry.
As an elite rescuer of the rapid rescue service of the South Moravian Region, Zdeněk Mikula saved dozens of lives. In 2017, and 43 years he suffered a stroke, he became paralyzed from the head down and began to fight for his life. After waking up from artificial sleep, the doctors gave Zdeněk no hope, that his condition could ever improve. Zdeněk is currently in home care, where his wife Veronika takes care of him with love and extraordinary commitment. It was she who turned to our endowment fund for help.
Zdeněk's journey back to normal life begins and we will guide you every step of the way, perhaps literally, we will inform you regularly.
If you want to contribute to a transparent account at Fio banka: 2900415315/2010. Please specify as a variable symbol 112.
Helping those, who served for us! ⚔🇨🇿
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