We help even before the end of the year and we make resolutions, that we will continue to do so next year.
Endowment Fund REGI Base I. and a Czech manufacturer of rehabilitation devices, firma Kalpe, they joined forces again and helped the severely injured operations officer of the fire brigade in Kladno, npor. Ing. Radek Chmelař. After careful testing, focus on suitable accessories and settings, a rehabilitation device was selected for training the upper and lower limbs Rotren Solo X worth 48 314,- CZK. It is suitable for effective physical therapy, because it works with the involvement of the whole body. During exercise, the upper limbs are involved, torso and lower limbs at the same time. This improves the overall physical condition. And of course, with increasing fitness, independence also improves. Moving to the car or to the bed is then easier. For healthy individuals routine activities, which, however, are a daily obstacle for the injured. The production of the device had to take into account the custom-made trolley. The correct support and fixation for both calves were also made to order for the correct guidance of the lower limbs.
Npor. The hop grower is now training diligently at the Military Rehabilitation Institute in Slapy. However, the handover took place at his residence with the participation of his father, which helps him and his whole family to adapt to barrier-free living.
Thank you all, who help realize the dreams of those, who served for us, and we believe in your support in the year 2021.
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