Ceremonial opening of the charity event "KAMENICE BREWERY HELPS."
Assistance for the injured firefighter Radek Chmelař Kamenice nad Lipou Brewery for the REGI Base I Endowment Fund. on Monday 31.8. 2020 ceremoniously launched the charity event "KAMENICE PIVOVÁH POMÁHÁ" in the Kamenice nad Lipou Brewery.
Npor. Ing. Radek Chmelař served as an operations officer - shift manager at the regional operations center based in Kladno since May 2012 as a line operations technician 112. In August 2019 suffered a serious injury as a result of a fall, with subsequent spinal cord injury in the thoracic spine with a prognosis of paraplegia and remained confined to a wheelchair.
Everything was initiated by the brother of the injured firefighter, Přemysl Chmelař, brewer of the above-mentioned brewery. He turned to the owner of the Brewery, Milan Houška, for help, and the injured firefighter himself turned to the founder of the REGI Base I Endowment Fund.. Hynek Cech. All the protagonists said yes, and so the whole event happened 31.8. 2020 facts.
The project aims to collect the amount 715.080, CZK (including VAT) for a specially adapted car for the injured firefighter Radek Chmelar. He will thus be able to transport himself independently and return to service at the operations center in Kladno.
Kamenice nad Lipou Brewery and REGI Base I Endowment Fund. agreed to cooperate in three phases:
1. Proceeds from brewing workshops Beers for firefighters (voucher for purchase on the Kamenice Brewery website)
2. yield from a special batch of beer (3.000 liter)
3. Proceeds from the sale of "Veteránská 11" beer, (beer special, which will be available for purchase from 11.11.2020)
And 14:00 Representatives of both interested organizations launched the entire charity event in the courtyard of the Kamenice nad Lipou Brewery. Afterwards, they all took pictures of the contemporary and historical firefighting equipment of Kamenice volunteer firefighters and moved to the premises of the "sloop", which is also adjacent to a small brewery brewery. That's where Radek Chmelař learned, how they will learn to brew you beer, who buy an experience voucher for brewing beer and thus help him get the necessary amount for a specially adapted car.
After moving to the main large brewery, individual interviews took place, including those on camera for regional television broadcasting.
All the protagonists and the guests tasted the excellent beer of the Kamenický brewery, and then all that was left was to start implementing the promised help..
All information, including the whole story of the injured firefighter Radek Chmelar are on www.pivovarkamenicepomaha.cz
Helping those, who served for us.