Yesterday, on the occasion of Victory Day there was a touching meeting with a direct participant in the fighting on the barricades of the year 1945 Mr. Vladimir Dudl.
In June, Mr. Dudl will celebrate 95 let. Despite his age, he is very vital and his memory serves him well. He bowed to all of us, who sacrificed their lives in liberating our beautiful country from fascism.
He shared with us in great detail the experiences from the events of May in Prague 1945 and supported his narrative with period photographs from his private collection.
Mr. Dudl, along with other World War II ventilators and witnesses, was a guest at our community center and accepted an invitation to a June meeting with friends and supporters of the REGI Base I Foundation..
Together with you, we would like to wish this humble hero, but also all the witnesses good health and a lot of energy for years to come.

Helping those, who served for us.