Thanks to many small donors to a transparent account in the FIO bank 2900415315 / 2010 REGI BASE is already doing well 3 month in order to ensure the purchase of special vitamins and unique nutrients in the total value of almost 40,000 CZK for a war veteran prap. David Píšu, who is on a long-term disability pension III. degree due to multiple sclerosis after the second vaccination into the mission.
Everything is tailor-made for him by the Auterum Medica clinic of Mr. Ing. Vimra.

Všechny navržené preparáty v kombinaci u praporčíka I write to strengthen its metabolic functions, increase of immunity and overall cleansing and harmonization of the organism. Process, which, thanks to such combined preparations, activates the organism's own healing ability.


Bolotov's balm
Necessary to stimulate the production of gastric juices and enzymes. Restores proper stomach and portal function (years. pylorus) thereby restoring nutrients in such a shape to the body, how the body can use them properly. Dilutes and purifies blood, which distributes all nutrients throughout the body. It supplies the body with amino acids and removes free radicals from the body

Necessary to achieve the right ratio of essential Omega 3 (EPA A DHA) Omega 6. Thanks to the connection of the correct combination of polyphenols with omega non-fatty acid 3 at the cellular level, the absorbability of this product is approaching 100%. Thanks to this product, the body is able to eliminate chronic inflammation. Long-term use leads to a permanent reduction in the body's inflammation.

Unique, patented preparation, which harmonizes the intestinal microflora and the body, it supplies the body with hay bacteria and maintains beneficial bacteria in an effective amount and creates supporting enzymes. It is a probiotic and prebiotic at the same time, which enables the effective settlement of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract..

Sir Anton´s
100% natural product, which thanks to its composition is like a Peruvian maca, Czech garlic, Green tea and a number of perfect vitamins affect the psyche, vitality and overall health. It supports the purification of the blood and reduces the acidity of the organism. The proportions of the ingredients in the preparation are ingeniously chosen as well, to multiply their effectiveness.

Laminaria Vertera
Seaweed in the form of a gel contains a number of substances, compounds and nutrients necessary for the human body in living form. With regular use, you replenish them right there, where it is missing in your body. The unique gel form has high absorbability. The uniqueness of this product is supported by the content of organic iodine for the harmonization of the endocrine system and silicon for the repair of tendon and muscle bones..

Specialized food product for dietary healthy nutrition, which is produced with the help of original biotechnologies using only natural ingredients. It helps in the regeneration and strengthening of metabolism.



We help them, who served for us !!!!

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