Endowment Fund REGI Base secured and paid special examinations and purchase of drugs for veteran prap. David Píšu.

David Píša, He has been diagnosed in many ways, in many places. In filers she has many diagnoses and had a lot of therapy. All these efforts gradually came to the, he was declared, in their 47 years, for incurable and drugs to suppress the symptoms of multiple sclerosis was sent home, to his wife and children.

I am writing with David diagnosis alters Medica byla jiná. The aim was to find the root cause of the current, as well as past problems.
Three different diagnostic devices showed crosswise, the primary cause, all the current problems, It is a strong long-term disruption of metabolism, primarily by reducing the body's ability to resist and receive the necessary nutrients.

Recommendations and supplied medicines worth 17 000CZK for the first month are designed to stabilize the medical condition, begin the process of healing the digestive tract including bowel and start the gradual elimination of chronic inflammation. Given the overall level of health, the expected duration of the healing process approximately half a year.

The next step will Therapy, directly alters the clinic Medica Prague, where the instrument will begin cleansing the body and will be adjusted according to the new list of diagnostic specimens, that shows, where the health status of David's writing for the first month moved.

We thank everyone for their support.

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Helping those, who served for us.

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