for wounded, veteran from Afghanistan, of the. Josef Brychta are from 2EL, spol s r.o., Nový Bydžov
secured lending instruments Ulticare LT99, same, who was with him had already proved. After consultation with external collaborator Dr. Jeřábek was determined the most appropriate treatment frequency devices and 12 Hz, as well as the deployment of the applicator and frequency of use 2 times a day 20 minutes.

The company 2EL, spol s r.o., Nový Bydžov years ago involved using magnetoterapeutického devices to save his leg after being injured on a mission in Afghanistan. He reported reduced mobility of his leg injury, problem emerged in spurts. He was at the doctor, which stated, that motion nerve is intact, This is probably his oppression, which is caused by non-specific circumstances.

Regular use will improve blood circulation to re-exposed areas and can be expected, that the momentum of her legs for some time to get back to normal. Exact time, When this happens, can not be determined, the action of the pulsed magnetic field is non-specific and highly individual.

Thank you very much the owner of the company to Mr.. Lauterbachovi.

Helping those, who served for us.

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