Today, a little something different. ?

My story je nový celovečerní hraný film, který natočil jeden z členů vedení Nadačního fondu REGI Base., režisér a scénárista Libor Adam.

The film was about Elizabeth baletce (Vlastina everyone), who falls ill and passes to his life hell. Her career is ruined and must deal with a large disabled preventing the full life. Eli gradually falls to his mental and physical bottom. Up until new friends (Tereza KosNumeric, Zuzana Norisová, Betka Stankova, it Boudová, Mira Nosek) and later a new love life (Pavel Kriz) popmohou her to lift her head again and live a new life. The movie was filmed in April 2019 and the last day of filming was the end of May 2019. And in this day revolved scene, the domineering husband (Sasha Rašilov) gets "beat" the trio of friends for everything that brought Eli.
Those three are her uncle Ulrich (Milan Kňažko) and two of his colleagues. They played the Czech Republic Hynek (founder NBRF) and Mark Dvoracek, policeman, which at that time he became a client NBRF and participation in the shooting of his little life dream.
Yet it must be recalled, that one of the main roles, she played a unique way and Vilma Cibulkova (Marie, aunt Eli).
Finally, it should be noted, My story the film is based on a true event, and it makes the whole project even more deeper meaning. The film is in theaters 9. 1. 2020 v distribuci společnosti Falcon movie news

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