Mobile telerehabilitační container.

Unique Czech project of distance therapy and telerehabilitace
Endowment Fund REGI Base I. in cooperation with the Czech Association of Robotics, telemedicine and Cybernetics (ARTAK), developed and built the first-ever Mobile telerehabilitační container in the world. We installed it right to private property in Záhořany, where he lives with his wife seriously injured firefighter Robert nadstrážmistr Gyomber. 27 years he served in the fire brigade in Prague.
Cutting the ribbon, this time instead of the tape being iron rod, which solemnly cut the hydraulic shears within the IRS director of Prague Col.. Ing. David Vratislavský.
Thanks to the so-called Internet of things, we allowed him to approach rehabilitation assistance, closest to, without necessarily having to commute kilometers away. Designed exercise taking place online while under the supervision of a physiotherapist.
REGI BASE effort to create a greater comfort Robert, who himself for health reasons is not able to commute to rehab. His wife is working and when the evening return home, rehabilitation have been after closing time. Another disadvantage is the long waiting period for term rehabilitation and especially lengthy and complicated commuting to Prague from Zahořany.
Premiered Mobile installed telerehabilitační container (MTJ) and distance allows telerehabilitační therapy at home Robert, the need for long-term rehabilitative care.
The first installation in Zahořany is intended for disabled firefighters nadstrážmistra Robert Gyomber. Due to a serious illness requiring long-term rehabilitation care. MTJ in Zahořany is equipped telerehabilitačními and spacer systems for the treatment of standing stability, improving coordination walk, exercise trunk muscles, treatment of fine and gross motor skills of hand and brain training software - cognitive rehabilitation. For example, therapeutic Homebalance is an interactive tool developed primarily for the rehabilitation of patients with impaired posture and gait stability. Recent studies suggest, that this tool could be used for other indications, e.g. for the treatment of back pain, trunk muscle weakness, the treatment of upper limb neurological insult and therapy for instability hull wheelchair.
The price of container is equipped with a prototype of almost 950,000 CZK. Without the help of cooperating partners, voluntary donors and donor DMS by this unique helper could arise. Therefore belongs great thanks to all, who participated in the project. Mobile telerehabilitační container can be installed at any location within reach of electricity and Internet networks so, distance to the therapy could benefit more clients even in very remote locations from a rehabilitation center. According to a precise schedule can then rehabilitation workers all clients individually controlled and monitored, without having to awkwardly carry patients to a specialized clinic.
A big thank you for the realization of this unique project for the injured firefighters include manufacturers of containers fy ALGECO, implementer of hardware and software solutions ROBOTSYSTEM, spin-off firma 1. Medical Faculty of Charles Uneversity – Homebalance, s.r.o., joint biomedical engineering department FBME CTU, arch. Michal Postráneckému, 1. LF UK, Way to dream and REHAMZA.

If you want to support other projects REGI BASE, you can do so transparent transfer to an account at Fio banka a.s.. 2900415315 / 2010

Helping those, who served for us!

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