He turned to us, Mr. Šrůtek JSDH active member of Brno-Pole as commander JSDH,with a request to allow lending software and hardware for distance therapy for his wife Michaela.
Years ago, suddenly, without warning, was heart failure. Despite almost immediately provided medical assistance was prolonged resuscitation. Since then, Ms. Šrůtková coping with the effects of hypoxia.
Mrs. Šrůtková is also a member of the volunteer firefighters in Brno-Pole. Dhen her health allowed, He was also an active member (intervention) SDH units of Brno-Pole (JSDH).
In addition to emergency operations very actively helped in working with youth fire.
Installation was done HOMEBALANCE and educate families pi. Šrutková therapy and control computer system biofeedbackového Homebalance for distance therapy.
Homebalance therapeutic is an interactive tool developed primarily for the rehabilitation of patients with impaired posture and gait stability. Recent studies suggest, that this tool could be used for other indications, e.g. for the treatment of back pain, trunk muscle weakness, the treatment of upper limb neurological insult and therapy for instability hull wheelchair. For Mrs.. Šrutková testing, whether we can this form of therapy nastimulovat thoracic muscles, Hull improve coordination and enhance the stability of independent seat on trucks, to improve safety seat.
Distance therapy currently used by more of our clients from the ranks of veterans, or firefighters.

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