Foundation REGI Base I.

REGI - Jiří Schams - Afghánistan 2008
George Schams 2008

The purpose of establishing the Foundation REGI Base I. is for the development of spiritual values , support for reintegration into the civilian community, assistance with rehabilitation, retraining, job placement, provision of material and funding for modern war veterans. This purpose or goal with the Foundation REGI Base I., can be achieved through the establishment of comprehensive care centers, providing the fi rst total modern war veteran rehabilitation services, including, among medical and psychological and social support, cultural, sports, educational events with an emphasis on the procurement of modern war veterans both amateur and professional.

Foundation REGI Base I. also help to:

  • Family members (survivors or those close to) modern war veterans.
  • Periodical issue, or stationery, to serve the development of spiritual values, information on the activities of the endowment fund or other related cultural and social activities.
  • The establishment of a digital radio station for the ACR to the foreign missions and for the general public.

Foundation brochure


REGI - Jiří Schams - Vyznamenávání
George Schams 2011