The story of despair wounded soldier with a happy ending

In June 2018 Czech police launched a criminal prosecution young man for the offense of fraud. It was a former soldier, Sergeant Stanislav Kubik, Tethered life after spinal cord injury in a wheelchair. Less than a month later filed a District Prosecutor's Office for Prague 9 impeachment court. But the story began several years earlier. In the years 2013-2016, when former soldier Sergeant Kubik received by an organization employing people with disabilities the opportunity to work. A working honestly and well enough, that he got behind the results of their work award. Another part of the story, let alone tells the main actor.
"In 2016 I received a letter from the Office of Labor, I wrongly received a housing allowance, and I was in the amount of overpayment 80 tis. CZK, I had to go back to 30 days. The Bureau of Labor I wanted to agree on installments, but my proposal swept everything off the table and handed over to the Enforcement Authority. The Labor Office there was no clear agreement. Nobody talked to me. At that moment I was a criminal for them. I got an execution at the amount due 80 thousand + 20 thousand in expenses executor. I immediately tried to contact the executor and agree on installments. Even here, I failed. Even when I described my situation in life, so even though to him was no agreement. Any savings on new wheelchair bailiff confiscated. The largest pearl was the visit of the Criminal Police, where I underwent a certain time after another two grueling interrogations. Criminologist at me questioning proposed, I confessed in full, and he said in the report, I did it all with a view. He said, that I will pay debt, so I will not be prosecuted. I refused. I believed, I'm innocent, and that this situation is not normal. During the interrogation I was emphatically told, that if I did not confess, I go to court. There apparently have no chance of success. In addition, stretching přitížím, I'll get more into more debt for all court costs and legal representation. I was cornered and did not know what to do. "
At the time of despair and hopelessness Standa turned for help to the Endowment Fund REGI Base I. REGI BASE answered: "Stando help you!“. "Nobody can imagine, as it was at that moment. I felt great support behind. At that moment I got a great desire to fight and prove to everyone, I am falsely accused, I'm not a criminal!"Events occurred in a different direction. Criminal order was canceled. Endowment Fund REGI Base I. in cooperation with the Center St.. Basila, hospital joint program of assistance and support of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St.. Lazarus of Jerusalem secured an experienced lawyer and the case got to the proper court, where he began the fight to save Sergeant Kubik.
"After half a year, and a whopping total 4 stalls in court were gathered evidence to prove my innocence. The final decision, I have been cleared of the indictment in its entirety!“
It took nearly a year, before I was made accusations of fraud liberated and cleansed. This way I would like to thank his defense attorney, lawyer JUDr. Lenka and her colleague Solomon, which was devoted to my court case and won, and I was so acquitted. Thanks to the whole team REGI Base I., who supported me all the time and personally monitored throughout the trial. "
On the subsequent payment of the assessed overpayment was negotiated with the Office of the Advocate work through a very favorable agreement on installments. What can I say? Courage and will to get to the truth opened the way out of impasse. Helped Endowment Fund REGI Base I. and Center St.. Basil hospital joint program of assistance and support of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St.. Lazarus Jeruzalémského, and the European Institute for peace, Mediation and Arbitration, o.p.s. The additional payment of debt left to pay the amount 26.500 CZK

Sincerely Sergeant Stanislav Kubik.

you, who want to help rotnému Kubik, You can contribute to a number of the Foundation REGI Base I. transparent account 2900415315 / 2010 FIO Bank and the text – Sergeant Kubik

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