War veteran Lieutenant Fabian Attila graduated already Axon 2. therapy and with amazing results!

Mr. Attila is a veteran police officer, who served as. mission in Iraq. he was 50 years and went with his wife to the well-deserved vacation… Odpočatému with him a few days after returning it happened, you never imagined… Ruptured aorta him and threw his entire family life upside down.

The doctors did not give him much hope. Basically just lay, nor raise his hands. Gradually he learn everything from scratch.
Abroad he graduated application of stem cells, ensure that the Foundation REGI Base. Then immediately followed by intensive rehabilitation clinic AXON. Now he manages a number of activities almost alone and even walking with walker.


The image can be: 4 people, Laughing people, people standing
The image can be: 3 people, people standing and shoes
The image can be: 4 people, inside
The image can be: one person or more people, screen, telephone, glasses inside