For assistance in medical rehabilitation turned to us a staff sergeant v.v. Hynek Vyšohlíd.

In the army he served for more than 8 years and has undergone elite 43.výsadkovým Battalion in Chrudim and combat support company of Liberec.

He has participated in several missions KFOR in Macedonia, Kuwait and Iraq.
However, in 2017 He suffered severe head injuries. Immediately after injury spent 12 days in a coma and was a direct threat to life.
Still he did not give up and slowly began to learn to walk again, speak and move. His right half of the body, however, remained largely paralyzed.

REGIBASE therefore ensure a comprehensive examination of specialized rehabilitation institute Kladruby, for setting a unique distance therapy at home. As part of the testing was examined cognitive brain capacity, for optimum computerized cognitive rehabilitation Rehacom at home, upper limb function, walk and stability to the torso strain gauge plate with biofeedback software and speech Homebalance. Home therapy for distance using sensors and software has been set Rehacom training to improve brain function and Homebalance for stability and gait training. Using these technologies, the patient can practice at home under the supervision of a therapist sensors and remote access, without having to commute to rehab, not necessarily in that area or have long waiting times. System settings for home therapy also increases the intensity and frequency of therapy, which would otherwise in the clinical setting could not be set.

Hardware and software for computer distance rehabilitation bought REGIBASE. The funds gained an endowment fund through charity proceeds shooting competitions REGI Base Shooting Challenge XI.

Thank you all for your support. č.ú.: 2499805359 / 0100

We are helping those who have served us!